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Mary Ellen Flynn, a Founding Partner and Managing Attorney of Andalman & Flynn, P.C. located in Montgomery County, Maryland, will share her wealth of knowledge as Lecturer on “Law Office Economics, Management & Fees” on September 13, 2012 at the well-known and prestigious Annual MSBA Seminar Essentials of Maryland Practice at the Conference Center at Sheppard-Pratt in Baltimore, Maryland. In conjunction with this two-day program (September 12th and 13th), each attendee will have the opportunity to obtain the newly-released 4th Edition of the MSBA’s Practice Manual for the Maryland Lawyer to which Ms. Flynn is a Contributing Author.

In addition to her position as Managing Attorney of Andalman & Flynn, P.C., Ms. Flynn is a full-time Practicing Attorney in a wide range of civil and criminal practice areas, including Business Contracts and Collections, Partnership Dissolutions, Family Law, Personal Injury, and other Civil and Criminal case matters. She has been representing clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia with her strong litigation and effective negotiation skills for over 22 consecutive years. She is a trained, and actively-practicing, Collaborative Law Attorney, Mediator and Best Interest Attorney, who has been Court-Appointed as Trustee and Guardian of the Property for a number of individuals and businesses who need such a representative in their financial matters. Her most recent 2012 publication contributions in addition to the 4th Edition of the MSBA’s Practice Manual for the Maryland Lawyer include:



“Stress Less and Earn More: Necessary Steps to Profitable Billing and Effective Collection of Your Attorney’s Fees,” Mary Ellen Flynn, The Maryland Bar Journal, Solo Practice Issue, Vol. XLV, No. 3, May/June 2012




“Best Practice Tips for Collections in the District Court of Maryland,” Mary Ellen Flynn, Trial Reporter, Journal of the Maryland Association for Justice, Inc., Inside District Court Issue, Summer 2012


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