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Tips for Divorcing Parents

Mar 25, 2013 | Divorce Law, Family Law

By: Amanda Vann, Esq.
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Here at Andalman & Flynn, we understand that going through a divorce and learning how to co-parent presents a new challenge. We’ve established these tips for divorcing parents to help ease you through the process so you can start a new, better way of life for you and your children:

  1. At every step during your divorce, continue to remind yourself that it is your child’s best interests that matter most, rather than your own. If you keep your kids well-being as your focus, you will find it easier to work out many issues.
  2. Never criticize your former spouse in front of your children. We know you are emotionally charged when going through a divorce, but remember your children love both of you. Criticizing each other will not only put your children in an awkward position, but it can also affect their self-esteem.
  3. Reassure your children that they are loved by both parents and that the divorce is not their fault. Many times children think they are the cause of the breakup and need reassurance that it has nothing to do with them.
  4. Encourage your children to see your estranged or former spouse frequently. Being a single parent is difficult, and you and your children will both need a break. When your child goes to see your former spouse, use the time to regroup, enjoy some down time, and be rejuvenated for when your kids return.
  5. Do not use your children as messengers between you and your former spouse. Take the steps necessary so the two of you can communicate without involving your children or peacefully while in your children’s presence. Remember this is in the best interest of your children, even though it may be difficult for you.
  6. Do not discuss your divorce with your children. Children do not need to be bothered with complaints regarding child support payments or who gets what furniture. Let your children be children, and save those discussions for your friends, family, therapist, and others in your support system that can help you through your divorce.

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The family law attorneys at Andalman & Flynn have been assisting clients with divorce and child support matters in Maryland for over twenty years. We’ve handled hundreds of cases throughout the state and have found if you follow these tips for divorcing parents, you are going to find co-parenting easier and your divorce less costly. To request your consultation, call us at 301-563-6685 or fill out an online contact form, and we will get back to you shortly.

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