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By: Elliott Andalman, Esq., Attorney at Law


The Director of the Office of Personnel Management, Dale Cabaniss, resigned on Tuesday, March 19, 2020. Morale and performance of staff at OPM had improved under her short tenure, which was only five months. Ms.Cabaniss had deep experience with federal personnel issues. Her employees respected her. She was also respected by both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill, where she had served as a top Senate aide overseeing civil service issues.

The effect of her departure is unknown, but it is worrisome. Performance at OPM had recently significantly improved, particularly the handling of disability retirement applications.

The Director resigned with no notice and will be replaced on an acting basis by her deputy, Michael Rigas. As reported in the Washington Post on Wednesday, March 20, 2020, her resignation was thought to be the result of interference with her work by the White House. Most recently, she was sidelined in making decisions about how the federal workforce should deal with the Coronavirus. It is also reported that the White House interfered with staffing decisions that were Director Cabaniss’ to make.

Sadly, this appears to be another example of President Trump pushing out talented, experienced people from leadership positions in the government, which will likely result in government agencies providing lower quality services to the country.  President Trump had already fired his first Senate approved OPM Director, Jeff Tien Han Pon, in October 2018, after Director Pon had resisted Trump’s proposal to dismantle the agency. Interestingly, Trump’s plan had little support in Congress, and it was abandoned, at least for now.

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