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New Guidelines for Appointment of Attorneys Serving as Guardians and Counsel for Disabled Adults

Jun 16, 2015 | Family Law

Did you know that in cases involving a disabled adult, the court frequently appoints an attorney to represent such individuals and/or to serve as the disabled adult’s guardian?

In Montgomery County, MD, attorneys must meet certain criteria and become certified through a court training program in order to be considered as a potential court-appointed attorney or guardian for a disabled adult.

Eligible Court-Appointed Attorneys or Guardians

The court maintains a roster of the attorneys who are eligible for court-appointments. The attorneys on this roster must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a member of the Maryland Bar in good standing;
  2. Successfully complete six hours of training approved by the court;
  3. Have at least three (3) years of practice experience in family law, guardianship law, and/or elder law, or other relevant experience;
  4. Maintain professional liability insurance; and,
  5. Agree to accept at least one (1) pro bono appointment per year.

Andalman & Flynn Attorney Court-Appointed to Serve as Guardian for Disabled Adults in MD

On June 2, 2015, attorney Kate McDonough completed the Montgomery County Circuit Court’s Court-Appointed Counsel in Guardianship training program. Kate is one of just a few bilingual attorneys on the Montgomery County Circuit Court’s roster of Court-Appointed Counsel in Guardianship cases.

Kate has been appointed by the court to serve as guardian of both the person and property of disabled adults, as well as guardian of property for minor children. Kate has also been appointed as a Personal Representative in estate cases.

The court also frequently appoints Kate to represent children as a Best Interest Attorney or as a Child’s Privilege Attorney in contested custody cases. The attorneys at Andalman & Flynn are honored to be selected by the court to serve in these roles!

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