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How to obtain a Domestic Violence or a Civil Protective Order in the District of Columbia while DC Superior Court is closed during COVID-19

Apr 1, 2020 | Domestic Violence

By Olivia Temmel, 301.563.6685

Due to COVID-19, DC Superior Court civil proceedings are now postponed through May 15, 2020.

Temporary protective orders that have an expiration date at any point in March will not expire until May 15, 2020, or the next assigned court date.  DC Superior Court is only operating four courtrooms to hear family court emergencies, including domestic violence emergencies, among other matters.  However, the Court may decide that an emergency hearing be conducted remotely.  If this is the case, the Court will notify you.How to obtain a Domestic Violence or a Civil Protective Order

If you need to file for a Civil Protection Order, the Emergency Temporary Protection (ETPO) process is accessible 24/7: To start an online interview to see if you’re eligible for a protection order, visit and follow the prompts.

Once you complete and submit the form electronically, you should contact the Clerk’s office to proceed with the filing by phone at (202) 879-0157, or by email at

You can also access the domestic violence division forms at the DC Courts website at, and after completing the form, email it to

If you would like to hire an attorney, they can file for a protection order on your behalf via Casefile Xpress.

If in immediate danger and located in DC, call the Metropolitan Police Department or the DC SAFE critical response team at (800) 407-5048 to access the ETPO process and to find out if you qualify for a Temporary Protective Order.

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, we remain available to help keep you safe.  (CLICK HERE) to schedule a consultation (by phone or video) to discuss your situation and learn how best to obtain a Domestic Violence or Civil Protection Order.

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