The Gray Divorce Rate is Surging – Find Out Why
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The Gray Divorce Rate is Surging – Find Out Why

Nov 11, 2022 | Divorce Law

By: Amanda Vann, Esq.

Gray divorce refers to those over 50 who are now divorcing. Couples divorce for many reasons, but gray divorce is surging, and we know why.

Empty Nesters

Many over 50 have raised their children and are now empty nesters spending more time than ever together. When their children were at home, a date night was a treat and didn’t always happen often enough. The daily cycle of caring for their children and working took its toll on these couples able to carve out quality time to foster their marriage. Now with no one around but each other, those over 50 are realizing that they are now very different people with different wants and needs in their relationship that are not getting met. These couples typically have had years to nurture and work on their marriage. For whatever reason, they have found that the relationship isn’t salvageable and are ready to move on.

Personal Fulfillment

At this age, people question more about what they want out of their lives and what changes they want to make their life more fulfilling based on their wants and not for the sake of their children. Most people at this age are established in their careers. They are now looking for personal fulfillment to enjoy their time away from work, including traveling.   Although it may be difficult to talk about, most people give a lot of thought as to whether or not they want to spend the remainder of their lives with their spouse and call into question how their spouse offers fulfillment.


But divorcing after decades of marriage comes with its complexities. On top of being faced with the prospect of growing old alone, you also have to think deeply and have professional planning and advice on how a divorce will impact your retirement resources. As we all age, our mental and physical health can become warier. A divorce in your latter years can present more medical conditions that a court will consider when dividing marital assets.

No two marriages or circumstances are the same. Every divorce will require a unique set of compromises, but if you are older and considering leaving your spouse, make sure that you have a team in place consisting of an attorney, a financial advisor, and possibly also a therapist to help you successfully navigate your divorce. 

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