New Law Governs Name Changes in Divorce Cases
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New Law Governs Name Changes in Divorce Cases

Mar 23, 2018 | Divorce Law

If you took a new name upon marriage, during a divorce process, you are permitted to change your name to either a name given at birth or any other former name you wish to use. On October 1, 2017, the law changed to make it easier to obtain a name change after divorce.

Under the new law, a party to a divorce action has eighteen (18) months after the entry of the judgment of absolute divorce to file a request for a change of name with the court in the divorce case. This change in the law extends the period of time in which a name change can be granted in a divorce case and helps you avoid having to file a separate court action to request a formal name change.

Previously, a party seeking a name change was required to request the name change prior to the entry of a judgment of absolute divorce. Under the new law, the period of time for filing has been extended until eighteen (18) months after the divorce is finalized. It remains the case under Maryland law that a name change can not be done for any illegal, fraudulent, or immoral purpose.

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