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Do I Have to Pay My Cheating Spouse Alimony?

Jun 12, 2018 | Divorce Law

By: Amanda Vann, Esq.

Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons people divorce is due to adultery.  Some couples can work through it, many can’t. While there are a variety of issues that can be contested between divorcing spouses, it is common for the issue of alimony to be a hot topic of contention, especially if the cheating spouse is seeking alimony.

In Maryland, a court will consider several different factors when making a determination on whether or not alimony should be granted. One factor the court considers is the reason the marriage is ending. One spouse committing adultery certainly has a bearing on the decision a judge will make, but it is only one determining factor of many. Additionally, because adultery is so common these days, allegations and even proof of adultery just don’t have a huge impact on a determination of the financial support one spouse needs or the ability of a spouse to pay.

The best answer I can tell people in answer to whether or not they have to pay their cheating spouse alimony is “It depends.” There are many factors to consider that should be thoroughly discussed with an attorney who can give you the education you need to decide whether or not seeking or paying alimony needs to even be an issue in your divorce.

The emotional anger one feels towards their cheating spouse can be the reason many issues in a divorce even become issues. I encourage everyone to seek legal advice, even just a consult, as it can often give you some insight and education on what issues you need to address and those things that don’t need to be an issue at all.

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