Andalman & Flynn Makes Digital Accessibility a Core Practice Principle
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Andalman & Flynn Makes Digital Accessibility a Core Practice Principle

Oct 9, 2020 | Disability Benefits Law, Press Releases

Firm’s Longstanding Focus on Inclusion Enhanced by Robust New Web Accessibility Features

Silver Spring, Maryland – October 8, 2020 – Digital accessibility is about ensuring technology is available to the broadest range of users, including individuals with disabilities. To that end, the Maryland-based disability and family law firm of Andalman & Flynn has further enriched its digital accessibility with the addition of powerful new tools to its website.

Web accessibility solutions strive to make the internet available to everyone, no matter the disability, disorder, illness, or injury in question, including blindness, motor impairment, cognitive disorders, aging, and many more. For example, text-to-speech features can read text aloud for people with limited vision, while speech recognition features allow users with limited mobility to control the computer with their voice. The ability of users to customize content to make it most usable to them is also an important aspect of accessibility. Andalman & Flynn’s site offers functionality to aid that customization, such as options to adjust styling elements like font size, type, and color. Text-only, magnification, and many other customization options are also available.

For Andalman & Flynn, the technology holds particular appeal. The firm’s experienced team of disability benefits lawyers assist those with physical or mental illnesses, as well as accidental injuries, and have won thousands of claims over more than 30 years of practice. “At its core, digital accessibility is about helping people.,” says Andalman & Flynn principal Peter Casciano, Esq. “As attorneys who represent many individuals with disabilities, we have a responsibility to make our website accessible to everyone and set a good example for all to follow.”

About Andalman & Flynn, P.C.: Founded in 1998 in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, Andalman & Flynn has forged a distinguished reputation for legal excellence. The firm represents individuals seeking disability benefits throughout the country and practices family law throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. The firm focuses on cases that impact the rights of everyone, and are there for clients when responsive legal help is most critical. The firm has provided legal analysis on national and local television and radio, and their attorneys often testify before legislative bodies and are routinely invited to contribute to prominent legal publications. For more information about Andalman & Flynn, please visit the website at or call 301.563.6685.