Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling Now Affects Military
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Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriages now Affects Military

Aug 21, 2013 | Civil Rights

By: Amanda Vann, Esq.

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With the recent ruling by the Supreme Court extending federal benefits to legally married same sex couples, the United States Military is now working swiftly to ensure the implementation of spousal and family benefits within the military are consistent with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

According to an article by Lolita Baldor of the Associated Press, a newly drafted Defense Department memo has been issued and, if approved by the Justice Department, could give health care, housing, and other benefits to same-sex couples.

Same-Sex Couples in the Military

The new memo is currently under legal review by the Justice Department and the Pentagon will not take any further action until it is approved. However, the contents of the memo provide long overdue benefits to same-sex couples in the military.

Although the full contents of the memo have yet to be made public, one benefit is that same-sex couples in the military will be provided with extra leave if they want to get married but are stationed in a state that does not currently allow same-sex marriages. The extra leave allows them to travel to a state where same-sex marriages are legal and be wed.

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