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How to Obtain a Domestic Violence Protective Order or Other Types of Emergency Orders in Maryland While the Courts Are Closed

Apr 1, 2020 | Articles, Maryland Law, Protective Orders

By Mary Ellen Flynn, Esq., 301.563.6685

Maryland courts are now closed through May 1, 2020, due to COVID-19. However, if you need protection, you can obtain the following type of actions through the Commissioner’s Office:

  • File for a criminal charge
  • Domestic violence protection
  • Peace order protection
  • Extreme risk protective order protection (requiring a person to surrender a firearm and/or ammunition)

In Montgomery County, the Commissioner’s Office is located at:

  • 191 E. Jefferson Street, Rockville — OPEN 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Central Processing Unit at 1307 Seven Locks Rd, Rockville — OPEN 24 hours/7 days a week
  • 8552 Second Avenue, Silver Spring —  OPEN 8 AM-12 Midnight/7 days a week

To find out hours and locations of Commissioner’s Office in other Maryland Counties, go to

During these very uncertain and unprecedented times, you should call the district court commissioner in your county or Baltimore City before going so that you can confirm their hours, provide information, and receive instructions on where exactly to go. However, if you are in fear of imminent harm, be sure to leave the dangerous situation as soon as you can.

When before the Commissioner, you will need to complete a form, called a Petition and provide the reasons why you are seeking protection. When you testify, details are essential; and photographs are useful, but not necessary. You will need to establish “reasonable grounds” to obtain an “interim” protective order or peace order from the Commissioner.

As per the March 27, 2020 memo of the Court,, the Interim Protective or Interim Peace Order will remain in effect until the Court takes action in your case.  As of now, all new Interim Orders will have a corresponding Temporary Hearing date of May 4, 2020, or May 5, 2020, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, we remain available to help keep you safe. Click here to schedule a consultation or call (301) 563-6685 to discuss your situation and learn how best to obtain an interim protective order or interim peace order.

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