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Attorney Elliott Andalman, along with law clerk Michelle Amick Prikhodko, were honored to have their article on Medicare’s debt collection practices published in the Fall 2011 issue of the Trial Reporter published by the Maryland Association for Justice.

The article, “Haro v. Sebellius: A Victory for Plaintiff’s and Their Representatives Regarding Medicare’s Debt Collection Practices,” was co-authored with Attorney Richard Neuworth. Haro is a class action suit against the Center for Medicare Service’s (CMS) which attached the legality of CMS’ debt collection practice of demanding reimbursement of Medicare funds within 60 days, even where there is a pending appeal or waiver request. The article reports that the Court in Haro held that CMS may not collect on reimbursement claims prior to the appeal or waiver request being decided. The decision also held that CMS may not collect from a Plaintiff’s representative where the representative has received payment on behalf of a Plaintiff and disbursed the payment to their client without first paying the Medicare reimbursement claim.