Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Potomac, Maryland

ADR: A Faster Path to a Fair Legal Solution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a faster and more efficient way to settle certain types of legal disputes in the Potomac, MD area. ADR uses methods such as mediation and arbitration to resolves disputes before the involvement of litigation. This method often gives the parties involved more flexibility in determining the outcome and terms of the legal solution.

Relying on the lengthy formalities of Maryland court systems to solve certain legal issues isn’t always necessary. Because many court dockets are often booked months in advance, this can also mean inconvenient and impractical delays for the parties involved in the dispute. ADR not only provides a faster means to a resolution in many cases but can often be a much more affordable way to solve a legal dispute.

For assistance pursuing a legal resolution through Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Potomac, MD area, contact the attorneys of Andalman & Flynn. We have years of experience using ADR techniques and can help you maximize your chances of success. Schedule your consultation today!

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services in Potomac

Residents in Potomac, MD should consider our ADR services in matters involving:

Discover Legal Solutions with Andalman & Flynn

Alternative Dispute Resolution is available to anyone seeking a legal solution to settle matters of family law, including separation and divorce cases or changes in child custody arrangements. It can also be a practical method for resolving issues pertaining to other civil matters, such as contract and landlord-tenant issues. ADR in Potomac, MD allows both parties in a dispute to:

  • Come together and clarify issues
  • Identify common ground
  • Discuss options that answer each side’s needs
  • Use compromise and cooperation to resolve the problem

In ADR, each side has the opportunity to explain his or her needs and better understand the other side’s situation. This allows for improved cooperation and communication and for relationships to be rebuilt, problems resolved, and future problems avoided. Most cases, even after filed in court, are resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

ADR Representation in Potomac, MD

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Potomac, MD is available to resolve your dispute any time before a suit is filed, or after a suit is filed but before a court enters a decision. ADR may be your first step to resolve your problem, or it can also be the final attempt at a cooperative resolution before trial. In the event that ADR is unsuccessful, you may still seek a litigated resolution of your dispute from a Maryland court.

At the law offices of Andalman & Flynn, we represent clients using all different forms of ADR. Our attorneys are experienced in the following areas, either as counsel or as the neutral mediator:

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